What is a Christian life coach?

Jan, 14, 2021

Any other word nerds out there? Because I’m a HUGE, weird, proud word nerd so we are going to break this down one word at a time to talk about what really is a Christian life coach. 

Maybe you’ve heard of life coaches, maybe not. You’ve likely had some kind of coach. And if you’re a person of faith, that word “Christian” sounds intriguing. 

What is a Christian life coach

So let’s dive in…but backwards! 

What is a coach? 

If you’ve ever had a sports coach, some of these things will probably sound familiar: 

  • Coaches instruct in both the what and the how during practice
  • During the game, they cheer you on and give pointers
  • BUT…they can’t play the game for you
  • After the game, they help you review what happened so you can improve next time
What is a coach

Though the analogy between coaching and life coaching differs a little (something we will chat about in a second)…these principles remain true of what we would generally call “online coaching”. 

Different coaches offer different services based on their personal framework, but some things remain the same:

  • Coaches give guidance on the what and how
  • They encourage you consistently
  • And they help you analyze and iterate

The most important part: the hard part – the action, the application – is still up to you. 

But….it’s MY life

A common confusion about life coaching comes from the title. “It’s my life…so why are you telling me how I should live it?” 

Hear this loud and clear: a good life coach doesn’t tell you how to live your life. 

Might they offer suggestions on various things? Sure. 

But no one can live your life for you. No one can do the hard work of change for you. 

Like you said: it’s your life. 

A coach can give guidance and encouragement based on her own experiences. A huge benefit of coaching is often that the coach has been where you are and knows the fastest or least painful or most efficient way out. Based on her life, she can help you grow. 

With that in mind, let’s talk more about life coaching.  

What is a life coach? 

In the online space, there are TONS of different types of coaching. Life coaching may be the most general. This means that no matter who you are or what you do, you can benefit from life coaching!

Each life coach will likely have a signature method or focus, but here’s what all coaches likely have in common: 

Life coaches help you grow as a human being. 

This can take many forms, such as: 

  • mindset work
  • productivity tips
  • goal setting
  • routine building
  • defining boundaries

And the list goes on. Remember that life coaching is probably the most general form of coaching. 

A Christian life coach

Most coaches will tailor their program to work on the areas of your life that YOU have identified as needing work.

Another way to think of it: you know all those personal development books you’ve picked up or gotten as Christmas gifts? Maybe you read them and got overwhelmed or discouraged by how much you needed to “figure out”. 

Hiring a life coach is like having your very own, personalized, talking, encouraging personal development book – one that grows and changes as you do! 

Maybe other coaches will disagree with me on some of these points…but I really don’t mind being compared to a book!

Now to bring it all together….

What is a Christian life coach? 

Remember how I said each coach likely has their own service or framework?

That framework is likely determined by who the coach is and what her experiences have been. 

So a Christian life coach is a Christian herself, who guides, encourages, and helps you analyze all from a Christian perspective. 

Again, these things might look different for each coach but here are some things you might see:

  • Prayer before your 1:1 meetings
  • Your coach will PRAY for you as well as coach you
  • A focus on your walk with the Lord 
  • A de-emphasis on the “you can do this all on your own” type attitude
  • GRACE upon grace

A Christian life coach will encourage you in your faith, even if that isn’t the main “goal” of their coaching framework. 

Putting it all together

All right, my favorite part – let’s make a list! A Christian life coach: 

  1. Coaches you from a foundation of faith – yours and hers. 
  2. Helps you grow as a human being in the areas of life that need work. 
  3. Guides, encourages you, and helps you analyze as you grow. 
Coaching from a foundation of faith

So…now what?

How to find a Christian life coach

As I mentioned before, I think EVERYONE can benefit from coaching, especially life coaching. And if you’re a Christian, being coached by someone who shares your worldview and values is a game changer. 

But where do you start? Here are things to look for: 

  • Through social media or Google, check out the free resources a coach offers. Things like worksheets, guides, or even devotionals. 
  • Take some time to look at the personalities of these coaches, especially if they show their faces and lives on video.
  • Most coaches also offer free discovery calls, where you can ask questions about coaching and see if it’s something you’re interested in!

And the most important thing? 

Learn to be coachable. 

Don’t beat yourself up thinking you’re so stuck that you’ll never change. 

Conversely, don’t think that you’ve arrived and have no more room to grow. 

Even if you never hire a coach, you’ll benefit from being a lifelong learner. 

“Who are YOU, Kayla?”

Maybe you’ve read this post and are thinking, “Sheesh this girl is nuts, I’d never want to be coached by her.” 

I hope not, but to each their own. 

Or maybe, you love words and growth and Jesus and are interested in working with me. 

If so…let’s talk! Grab a free 45-minute discovery call and bring allllllll your questions. 

Some details up front: 

  • I’m a Christian life coach
  • I’ve walked the road and used the methods I use in my coaching
  • If we work together, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader but I’ll also give you a push when you need it
  • Your walk with the Lord and your growth as a human are my top priorities – whether or not my coaching is a good fit for you.

So, let’s get to know each other! Pick a time for your discovery call and I’ll see you on Zoom soon!

Stay courageous,



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