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· Courage Challenge: Day 3 ·

Oct, 03, 2023

Day 3 is here with a powerful reminder that God stands with us at all times. I don’t think I expected quite such poignant first three verses from this challenge but God knew I needed it! Here is today’s verse:

The following night the Lord stood by him and said, “Take courage, for as you have testified to the facts about me in Jerusalem, so you must testify also in Rome.”

What's going on with Paul

For a little context, Paul traveled to Jerusalem and was promptly arrested by the Romans because there was such a disturbance caused by the message of the Gospel. Paul takes this opportunity to speak to the people about the Lord, then narrowly avoids being beaten by reminding them that he’s a Roman citizen. This then allows him to speak before the Roman council. 

That night, the Lord “stands by Paul” and the next day God rescues him from a plot to kill him. 

Paul needed God’s encouraging presence so many times in his life. However, what struck me about this incident was that God was with Paul before Paul knew he was going to need it so specifically – before the plot to kill him and not after. 

God with us

God’s been reminding me today that He is the God who is with me. In no other religion does the “god” of the religion come to the people – it’s always the other way around. 

But not with our God. He took the ultimate first step by creating us, then followed it up by providing a way to have fellowship with Him through Jesus Christ. 

Practically, this doesn’t mean that God’s going to make my life easy or that He’s going to do the hard things for me. But it does mean that He’s going to be with me every step of the way. And that is exactly what I needed today. 

Sisters walking with God

Today’s glimpse of courage comes from my little sister. She’s serving our family in a really tangible way doing something she would probably rather not do, and she’s taking it one day and one step at a time. Love ya, sis. 

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October 5, 2023


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