Rising to Courage

Rising to Courage is the network we have created as a place for Christian women to grow together. It’s got all the great features of a Facebook group without the necessity of social media, which makes it a safe and encouraging place. 

You’ll find free Bible studies, monthly workshops, and the opportunity to sign up for classes as we create them. Head to the network now or keep reading to learn more. 

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31:24

What's in the network

Though we have plans to grow in the future, here’s what we have in the network right now: 

Rising to Courage (the main space)

This is the “umbrella” group where you’ll find:

The Courage Community

This is a subsection (called a “Group” in the network) where we will host regular Bible studies. We are planning three free studies per year, and these will include:

Private Classes

These private classes will only show up if you’ve been invited to them. They are in-depth and personal, usually beginning with small beta classes. In a class, you’ll receive: 

In the future, we may offer courses for purchase. Until then, we will let you know when we open sign-ups for private classes. 

How to join the network

Click the button below and when you get to the network page, click Request to Join!

What to do after you join

This network is for you if...

You’re in the right spot if…

We have a vision of a beautiful, safe, and encouraging space for sisters in Christ to grow together. If any of this strikes a chord with you, we would love to have you!

Rising to Courage FAQs

You can always email us at hello@couragedear.com to ask any questions, but here are some quick answers in case they help!

How much does it cost to join?

The network is completely free to join. Three studies per year will always be offered at no cost to you. In the future, you may chose to purchase classes/courses, but there will always be a foundation of consistent free content for you.

How do I invite a friend?

The best way to invite a friend is to send her the link to this page so she can get an idea of what the network involves. In order to keep the network a safe and purposeful place, we ask that you only invite women who profess faith in Christ!

Who teaches/leads in this group?

Your primary hosts for Rising to Courage are Kris Fry and Kayla Grinalds, a mom and daughter team who love God’s word and personal leadership development for Christian women! We are so excited to meet you, and you can learn more about us here