Resources for Christian new grads

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10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Morning Routine

Let’s face it: mornings are tough.

But they are also the most important part of the day!

Use this resource to get “10” ideas.

There are actually about 30-40 ideas tucked in there – so grab your copy now!

Then, head over to social and let me know what you’re implementing in your routine! If you’re looking for even more guidance, check out the blog post I wrote on how to create a great morning routine.

10 ideas to spice up your morning routine

Lock Screens: Mindset Truths from Scripture

Resources for Christian new grads

The world SHOUTS at us that we aren’t enough, that we need to hustle more, that we need to be and do more. 

Instead of internalizing those messages, let’s internalize the truth of Scripture. 

I’ve created these lock screens of Biblical mindset truths to help remind you WHO you are every moment of the day. 

Download yours now!

Tip: Click the “Download” icon in the Google folder to get all lock screens as individual .png files.

When you’ve downloaded them, share on social and tag me so I can see which one is your favorite.

And if you’re looking for more tips, check out my blog post on Important reasons to use Scripture to improve self talk.

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