How to steward each moment

Sep, 25, 2021

“Today is an unrepeatable miracle.” John Maxwell.

When I first heard this quote, my instinct was to dismiss it as just another Hallmark sentiment. I didn’t think it had anything to do with how I should steward each moment.

But then God pressed it deeper into my mind. I paused the audiobook and actually looked around as I walked around my neighborhood. “What about today is a miracle?” is the question I asked myself. 

Miracles and stewarding each moment

The first thought nearly brought me to my knees. I was walking in a neighborhood because God answered the biggest prayer I’ve ever prayed and helped us buy a real house in a real neighborhood.

Suddenly, everything seemed miraculous. The cars of my neighbors. The wave from the woman mowing her yard. Seeing my car in the driveway as I puffed to the top of the hill. Feeling the sun on my shoulders and hearing nature sounds instead of highway sounds.

I looked down at my short little legs that carried me each step of my walk. Later, I pushed through the front door to see the smile on my husband’s face and hear his voice welcoming me home.

Each day is, indeed, an unrepeatable miracle.

I’ve come to realize that this attitude is a huge aspect of stewardship. If we define stewardship as:

“the divinely authorized responsibility for believers to faithfully oversee the protection and expansion of the assets (time, talents, and treasures) God has entrusted them to manage on His behalf.” (Tony Evans, Kingdom Stewardship)…

today is an unrepeatable miracle John Maxwell

Then every moment matters. Every moment is something God is using to grow us, to teach us, and to use us for His kingdom.

Honesty time: I hate cleaning the kitchen. It’s my least favorite house task of all of them, and while I love my kitchen in my new house, my distaste for cleaning that area of the house has not changed.

But what about when I think about it this way? When I bring stewardship into even the small, seemingly insignificant moments?

Cleaning the kitchen becomes an act of stewardship – to my family, to myself, to God who provided the house, the kitchen, the money, the food.


So how do we steward each moment? Let’s first talk about what it’s not.

Not “fake it till you make it”

I am not saying that we need to paste a fake smile on and see the world through an unrealistic lens. Some moments are incredibly difficult and frustrating. Sometimes we feel the pain of the curse and the ache of troubles more than we ever thought we’d want to bear.

But if we trust that God is sovereign, that He ordains each moment, and that He has a purpose for everything He allows into our lives, then we can choose to steward and to see His hand in any moment. Even the tough ones.

With that said, let’s talk about some aspects of what it means to steward each moment.

Be present

How can we steward the moments if we don’t even see them?

Let’s admit it: it’s easy to look down, literally and figuratively. It’s easy to get sucked into our phones. Easier still to get caught in a mental loop of all the things we are frustrated with or struggling with.

We have to choose to be present in a moment.

Sometimes it’s as simple (and as difficult) as putting the phone in a timeout corner, taking a deep breath, and looking around. 

Make a mental list of what you’re thankful for. 

Look for the miracles.

look for the miracles and be present

Be aware

Very rarely are we alone or the only ones affected by the circumstances around us.

So in addition to looking up from whatever is going on in our heads or trying to distract us, let’s look around. 

Who has God placed in your life in this moment? 

be aware of who God has placed in your life

As I write this, I’m FaceTiming my mom. We are working in fifty minute blocks with debrief (and coffee) sessions in between. It’s so fun to be able to encourage each other as we pursue what God has given us.

Behind me sits my husband. I give him a kiss as I pass, and fill up his coffee when I go to fill mine (or swap it for water).

These are just two people in my immediate moment. Thanks to technology, I have so many others that are just moments away.

We are never alone. So in the moments you’re tempted to sink inward, take a look around you physically or digitally, and reach out.

Be purposeful

God is a God of purpose. He wastes nothing and that holds true for your life.

As I coach clients through difficult experiences or struggles, something I often encourage is to make a list of what you learned from that experience.

Let’s face it: walking through something difficult just stinks sometimes.

But we can trust that God puts everything in our lives for a reason. What better way to be purposeful than to look for God’s purpose first?

Get curious – ask questions! What did I learn? How did I grow? How can I help others who might be going through the same thing.

You, dear sister, are purposed. Nothing is wasted, not even waiting. Our God is too awesome for that.

So in the moments and also when you reflect, look for the purpose. I promise, it’s there. 

be purposeful because God is a God of purpose

Looking for miracles as we steward each moment

“Today is an unrepeatable miracle.”

This doesn’t mean that every day will be a mountain-top experience. It doesn’t mean that you won’t experience pain or suffering.

It means that we serve a God who is active in the details of our lives and who wants to show us the miracles if we only look.

If you’re a journaler, or if you want some help applying this today, take some time to answer this question: 

journal prompts to help you steward each moment

What miracles do I see today?

If you’re struggling with how to answer, take it a step further with these questions:

What do I see around me? 

What do I smell? 

Where am I sitting?

What do I hear? 

As you write down the details that your senses can understand, consider each as a gift from God. Because it is.

Courage, dear.

Put down the phone. Lift your eyes. Look for God’s hand.

So now what?

To get accountability and encouragement to steward each moment, join the Courage Community. You’ll get weekly training, monthly goal setting workshops, and other women pursuing God and goals!

And come chat with me on social if you have any questions about stewardship, it’s one of my favorite topics to discuss. 

Stay courageous!


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    September 27, 2021

    This is so great! “Look up and look around.” We have so much to be thankful for if we can just get out of the way.

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